The unofficial color of the Internet is…

I ran across this interesting story while poking around the Net today. Here’s a link to it: Daily Mail link

A UK designer wondered what colors were the most popular on the Internet. So he created a scraper program and broke the 10 most popular sites (according to him) by pantone code.

The results are shown below:


As you can see, blue was an obvious winner- even beating out black, white and grey. Also, since he is an artist he differentiated between “blue” and “turquoise” while myself and most men would lump those two together under just “blue“. If he had gone that route then it would have doubled up every other color and beaten my beloved red by a factor of 3:1.

The reason is obvious and it’s why so many corporate logos heavily feature blue. It’s because blue is calming, trustworthy and stable- all traits you want visitors to your company to perceive.

Isn’t that right Facebook?


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