MLK Day Flyer- What happens when the organizers just don’t care.

Today is MLK Day here in Atlanta. Since Dr. King is a native son of Atlanta this is a pretty big deal around here.

The organizers have known for months precisely where the festivities would occur… including the center piece for the weekend, today’s MLK Day Parade.

Despite this advance notice (it follows the same route every year) it is painfully clear that the organizers didn’t give a damn about publishing a useful and coherent map.

Have a look at the mess below. When I first clicked it on the AJC site it displayed in portrait, meaning I had to rotate it just to read it. Then the bad really started. Whoever created this mess was either painfully incompetent or brutally lazy- ditto for the person or persons that approved it.

Dear MLK Day Organizers, 

Next year, get with me. I’ll provide you with a usable map for free. It’ll take me less time to make than it took to write this post bitching about your current artist’s incompetence. 

– Jay

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