The Death of Privacy?

It’s stories like this that reinforce why I’m not on Facebook. The idea of trumpeting every little fact about myself from the roof just sounds incredibly stupid to me.


It often seems as though Facebook’s (s fb) main purpose is to continually remind us of how much we have chosen to share with the world about our online behavior — whether we realize it or not. The latest lesson along those lines comes from the social network’s new “graph search,” which sounds at first like a fairly boring feature of interest only to marketers. Like much of what Facebook does, however, it is also a warning sign: if you were counting on certain things about yourself staying not so much private as obscure or hidden from view, those days are effectively over.

For an example of what this means in practice, look no further than a new Tumblr blog started by London-based programmer Tom Scott, entitled “Actual Facebook Graph Searches.” This also sounds somewhat dry and academic, until you take a closer look at some of the things that…

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