Red Paint Consulting is a small consultancy with one goal- Simplicity.

With almost twenty years experience in the areas of Design, Usability, Requirements and more, the staff at RPC will be able to help you get the most out of your business.

Do any of these common situations sound familiar?


“I own a Micro Business (less than 3 employees) and I’ve always wanted to create my own online presence; such as a website, social media and the rest; but I have no idea how to get started. “

If this is you, then our Small Business Services program was created for you.


“I already have a website but I’m not comfortable that it’s doing all it can for my business. Either it’s too old and dated or it’s just not getting the traffic it should. I need to know what I’ve got and if it’s good enough.”

RPC understands your needs and for this reason offers its clients a through Usability Review Service.


“I already know that we need a new web presence, or an even bigger online effort. The issue with us is that our IT Developers need a complete Business Requirements Document to build against and we either can’t afford or don’t want to bring a full-time Business Analyst onboard.”

With experience in industries ranging from Government to Transportation to High Tech and Entertainment, the staff at RPC has created dozens of BRDs knows the questions to ask and what DEV needs to do it’s job. Let us handle it with our Requirements Authoring Service.


You are also welcome to check out the latest entries in the Red Paint Blog, our Usability/User Experience blog. This will open in a separate window.

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